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Danley’s was a 15-foot Duracraft and Lewis’ was a Weldbilt. I hunted these folks down in the flat lands of Delta country because I had heard of a 12-year-old boy — Lawson Boyte — setting a new Louisiana state record for blue catfish with a 114-pound monster. From there, they headed downstream and pulled up on the eastern bank of the river, one boat behind the other. Wisconsin’s Laufenberg Wins Phoenix Bass Fishing League Regional Championship on Mississippi River. With a Mississippi license and reciprocal agreements, they can fish both sides of the river, so fishing holes abound. The 2021 Tackle Warehouse TITLE will mark the 26th anniversary of FLW’s top-tier … This big flathead inhaled a live bream used as bait by these jug fishermen. In past years, the walleye had moved further into southern areas. Mississippi Crappie Fishing Tips Best Time of the Year You can catch crappie almost any time of the year in Mississippi thanks to the warm weather which tends to dominate even in the winter months. However, the crappie tends to be most active just before the spawning season which starts in late February to early March. I’m not exclusive to walleye and want to get my kids on a few fish if possible. His big rod bowed over, he slugged it out in the current with a jug-headed 25-pound blue catfish. Description: The mighty Mississippi River forms the western border of Illinois, where it glides along flowing south the entire length of the state. Gearing up for Mississippi River catfishing, Trolling for catfish: Slinky weight is key, David Holliman killed a monster 20-point buck on Dec. 6 at his friend, Nelson Bridgeforth’s property in Desoto County. Watching the river’s current flow is the key to river fishing for bass on nearly any system in the country. Take a calculative action to get the perfect result. Lewis’ rod tip twitched and then bounced, and he boated a decent blue cat to add to the catch. The amphibians lost ground to flood waters rising in … “Tackle is important when fishing off the bars,” he said. Catfishing, both as a commercial operation and as a recreational pursuit, has been a favorite activity across the centuries. Become the most informed Sportsman you know, with a membership to the Mississippi Sportsman Magazine and MS-Sportsman.com. The big spinning reel went clattering across ice chest lids as the vigorous fish almost pulled the rod into the water. “I take them hunting and fishing as much as I can,” the elder Danley beamed. The water outside the point keeps moving downstream, but the water inside the point hits the bank and is forced to flow back upstream. If you’re going on longer trips, don’t forget your favorite drinks and food, and be sure to dress properly for the time of the year. The Mississippi River is also widely known as a walleye fishery because of the clear water of the streams and creeks that feed this river. Jay Pickle uses heavy spinning gear to chase Mississippi River catfish after launching at Mayersville. He can be reached at hawkins2209@att.net. Catching BIG large mouth and small mouth bass. “I want big ones; they stay on the hook better.”. From the Mississippi River to the Peshtigo River, Wisconsin and the surrounding region has miles of flowing water chock full of smallmouth bass. “Below the weight was the biggest hook I\’ve ever fished with — it looked more like what them Swamp People use to catch alligators.”, “We baited the hook with a shad half as big as a car tag.”. Gizzard shad are an ugly fish, and these freezer-burned ones looked unappealing, to say the least. As a word of caution, if you do plan on hitting the rivers you’ll need to keep an eye out for chunks of backwater ice floating down the river. Members ... is legitimately putting together a season for the ages, and it could be even better. Many anglers consider river fishing to be one of the most relaxing freshwater fishing experiences because it doesn't require much gear, and can easily be done from a canoe, kayak, or while wading. “When I can catch shad, they, by far, are the best bait,” Montgomery said. Walleye fishing on the Mississippi River can be fantastic. Scott uses such bars as a place to relax and have lunch off the water while he fishes. Welcome to the New and Used Classifieds from our Dealers, Try these five hot spots for January fishing in Mississippi, Louisiana hunter drops Humphreys County king, Carriere hunter takes public-land monster, South Zone dove hunters looking forward to January, Duck season starts slow, but hunters are still hopeful, Louisiana Crew downs seven national forest bucks, Venison bacon cheeseburger pizza casserole is a dream meal. “Hanging lines one day and expecting them to be there in a week may be a stretch; the river rises and drops pretty quickly sometimes. The Mississippi River changes daily and sometimes hourly, so we want to teach you how we adapt with the daily fluctuations and season of the river. I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. October 19, 2020. This is my first year on the river and I need to pull my boat out at Watergate by the end of October. It looked like a sea monster when it first came up.The wide, slate-gray body did a rolling churn when it surfaced in the turbid Mississippi River water. Hanging up their hooks on the bottom is a routine hazard of fishing the river. These are not to be confused with the pristine white sands of the Gulf Coast; however, these bars can be a comfortable place to set up a little camp and do some serious catfishing. FLW and Explore La Crosse announced Thursday that the 2021 Tackle Warehouse TITLE, the Pro Circuit Championship, will be held Aug. 17-22, 2021, on the Mississippi River in La Crosse, Wisconsin. In this episode of BlacktipH, I go fishing for monster catfish in the Mississippi River with my good buddy Capt. Fish the deeper areas in the lower areas of the river during this winter fishermen's prime time as well for great walleye catches. Here are a few tips: Small river fishing means you don’t want to have rolling boats or motor beside you. Sid Montgomery has lived and fished along the river, and finds the flooded timber a fertile field for fish. Lewis scored first. The next day the two boys spent far more time exploring the big river’s banks than sitting in a boat and fishing. Upper Mississippi Fishing Guide Middle Mississippi Fishing Guide. But, there is one trick with which he maximizes his effort. He starts where the current is strongest — where the river current passes the end of the weir — and drops a line of jugs diagonally toward the bank of the river where the weir originates. The guide includes a wealth of helpful information, a guide to fish species on the river and maps to the pools. Lewis didn’t argue. Parker and I met Clemens at the marina at Fort Madison, Iowa. Fishing for smallmouth bass often improves during the summer period at the same time that angling in lakes is less productive. But every pole I have in the water that has bait on it will get bitten when the barges pass. Danley silently scrutinized the river’s water for a few minutes, to verify the had stopped in a good spot. The Mississippi River is a great fishing hole where anglers can fish for nearly 200 different types of fish species, including the trophy catfish that are synonymous with the river. “The man I was fishing with said to let the line out until it stopped or I felt a pull,” Townsend said. Copyright 1998 - 2020 Mississippi Sportsman, Inc. All rights reserved. All four of the anglers sailed baited hooks far out into the river, and then they sat down to wait them out. River Fishing. “That’s mostly what they like to do,” Jim Danley grinned knowingly. We’re here to share the best Mississippi kayaking options. Mississippi River Fall Fishing Tips. If you’ve wanted to explore this famous river by kayak, take a look at our guide below. The segment […] Those places where the river floods timber during high-water situations are excellent places to put trot-lines. Fishing Tips. Fancy tackle is not needed to catch Mississippi River catfish, but a sturdy rod and heavy line is a necessary item. “We go camping a lot on (Mississippi River) sandbars. The Mississippi River is glorious at sunset…and at every other time! I’m not exclusive to walleye and want to get my kids on a few fish if possible. Our five recommendations for January fishing hotspots in Mississippi include spots for crappie, catfish and bass. The interesting part is that the structure constantly changes. Danley has been bringing the pair fishing and hunting with him since they were 6 years old. Scott uses the same bait he employs on the jugs for his shore lines. crappykilla86. […]. Come enjoy the majestic landscapes and collect a keeper or two. To me, the water here looked the same as it did everywhere: greenish-brown, flecked with foam and odd bits of twigs and leaves. “I like fishing, and I like being on the bank,” Bo chimed in. Lawson edged out on a projecting log, took the rod from his uncle and tried to ease the fish in close enough to gaff. To get set up, Scott idles into the calm water below the weir and prepares each of his 25 jugs. “Heavy-action rods and big reels lined with 50-pound braid such as Spider-Wire are the order of the day. “I guess (the sound) busts the shad out of the middle of the river toward the banks. Nothing else happened for 30 minutes.

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